My Services

Please read through my offered services to find the right fit for you!

The consultation process will begin with a walk through of all areas desiring attention. I will take notes of my observations as well as the client’s comments about what they dislike or what they envision for the space. After the walk through, we will discuss my process and determine if the client wishes to proceed to the next step. This is when the client will fill out all relevant forms and we will begin to form the foundation for the organization plan.
*Please also note that if I visit a home with severe issues, I may choose to inform the appropriate authorities if I believe there is a risk to someone’s health or safety.

Customized Plan
starts at $40
This option is for clients who need assistance in creating a plan and list of tasks to accomplish, but are uninterested in having me being present for the process. I will design a plan for all areas that are requested, including suggestions for storage items to purchase, arrangement of items, and so on.

Basic Organizing Services
With this service, I will work alongside the client(s) as we work on the target areas of the home. I will provide perspective, suggestions, and encouragement to the client and coordinate the flow of tasks. I will also have some physical involvement in the process, but will focus on directing the client(s).
*Please note that sessions must be for a minimum of 2 hours.

In-Depth Organizing Services
This service is more suited to clients such as senior citizens who are downsizing or those who may have health issues that prevent them from being more physically involved in the process. I will step beyond being the coordinator and supervisor of the process and work “hands on”. This may include things like moving boxes and bins, gathering up bags of garbage and recyclables, physically handling and arranging items that are being sorted, etc.
*Please note that sessions must be for a minimum of 2 hours.

Moving Assistance Services
This service is specifically for people who are moving to a new home. I will assist with packing up the client’s belongings and making sure all boxes are properly labeled and packed. I can also assist in helping a client to let go of items that they do not need to move with them. Service is also applicable to unpacking at the new home.
*Please note that sessions must be for a minimum of 2 hours.

Donation/Eco Center Drop Off
$5 for every five boxes/bags, $10 for every five large boxes/bags
At the end of an appointment, I can remove any and all boxes/bags of donation items from a client’s home and drop them off at a donation center myself. (Donations will go to a center of my choosing unless one is specifically requested by the client.) I can also remove items that require proper disposal and drop them off at the eco center.

*Please note that I am unable to transport large items that require more than one person to load/unload.
**Please also note that if any items taken to the eco center have a disposal charge that the client will be responsible for reimbursement.