Dressers and Bookshelves: Makeover Magic

Checking in with updates of my personal organizing journey once again.

A few days ago I decided to finish refolding the contents of my dresser using the KonMari folding method. I can’t stop raving about this technique; my drawers look beautiful and I was able to fit more of my belongings into them!

Because I am a silly goose and didn’t think to get pictures of how everything looked before, I only have a few before pictures. The after pictures make me really happy, that’s for certain!

My boyfriend’s drawer for long sleeves. Before:


His T-shirt drawer looked the same way! (I didn’t get a picture because it was empty at the time.)



Neatly folded!


His T-shirt drawer. Easy to find the shirt he is looking for!

Here’s my side of the dresser:


You can see how I was attempting to keep the drawer neat and organized, but not quite achieving it.


Voila! The KonMari method works its magic and increases the number of shirts I am able to fit!


My T-shirt drawer, also improved.

What a difference it’s made! The folding method is simple, so put away time for laundry hasn’t changed, but it’s made easier by not having to smush garments into their drawers anymore!

I also spent some time reorganizing my bookshelves. I had brought over some book bins from the storage unit because I was wanting some of the books out of there. However, my bookshelves were already overflowing. So how was I going to make this work?

Step 1: I finally, finally admitted to myself that there were books I had been carrying around for years that I was never going to read again or even read in the first place. The space on my bookshelves is primarily reserved for my favourites, books that I never get tired of reading. They’re like old friends, these books. Some of them I’ve had since I was a kid.

So I removed the books that no longer interested me. I set aside a few for a friend who is collecting books for her future classroom, and the rest I donated to my friend’s little lending library! It’s her own library that she made herself and stands beside one of the community walkways. People can take some books and read at their own pace and return them when they’re done. (This is a great neighbourhood project; Google it if it’s something that interests you!)

Step 2: I did some reorganizing. I used to separate books more into genres, but I’ve decided to arrange most of them by author. A few of them have their own unique spots, usually my longer series or a large collection by a favourite author.

Step 3: I added some decorative touches. My favourite ones are the little Anne Shirley by my L.M. Montgomery books and the glasses by the Harry Potter books.

Step 4: I packed up the books that I am keeping but not using right now. Most of them are children’s chapter books that I am holding onto for when my boys are older. Instead of having two rubbermaid bins of books, I condensed everything into one! I am currently using the other bin to hold the miscellaneous items that I still need to get sorted in the office.

Organizing my bookshelves was one of those processes where things get disastrously messy before they look nice and tidy. I had to walk away and take a small break when I felt myself getting overwhelmed.



I only worked on my side, not my boyfriend’s, but you can see what a disaster it was!



The top of the shelves.


My little Anne of Green Gables and Harry Potter glasses.

Before on the left, after on the right.

Now, I admit that I am one of those people who likes to go back and play around with arrangement, so there’s a good chance I may reorganize my bookshelves differently in the future. For now, I’m happy with the way they look, and I even have a smidgen of room for books that I am missing from certain series or collections!

I think that’s all for this installment of my personal organizing journey. I still have a significant project under construction for the office, a new customized shelving unit, so progress for this room is a bit held up in certain aspects. However, I can always keep working at eliminating unnecessary clutter and tackling the small projects, one at a time!

My bedroom is just about finished as well. The dresser is done, the bedside drawers are done. The cabinets and the floor and shelf of the closet are all that’s left there, and even they won’t require much work.

I’m super excited about the progress I am seeing all around my house! Even the storage unit is slowly being emptied out, thanks to some hard work from my dad and his best friend.

This is my year of positive changes, and I am starting to see the results of all of my hard work. Thanks for checking in! See you again soon!


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