Super Simple Organizing Tips and Tricks

Today I thought I would talk about super simple organizing tips and tricks that are either minimal cost or completely free!

I have implemented most of these techniques around my own house, so I can testify as to their effectiveness. Most of them utilize basic items we interact with on a daily basis and have never considered as having additional purposes.

Bread Tags


Unless you are the sort of person who bakes your own bread, most of us have probably found these little plastic tags hiding on our counters or under our fridge. (Possibly in other random places if you have cats who like to play with them, like mine do!)

So aside from keeping our bread bags closed, what else can these be used for?

Keeping track of your cords and cables! How many of us have TV stands and computer desks where there is a tangle of cords lurking behind? I know I do!

You can use bread tags to label your cords. No more confusion about if the plug belongs to the Xbox or the DVD player! Simply label the tag with a permanent marker and slip it on the appropriate cord

bread tag cords.jpg

You can also use this for tagging unused cords and cables that are being stored or for marking the length of your various extension cords so that you can always find the length you need.

Shower Curtain Rings, Hooks, and Rods

Did you know these handy little rings can be used outside of the bathroom? Here’s how I have put them to work in my room. (This is not my picture; just one that demonstrates the same technique.)

shower curtain ring camis.jpg

Free up valuable drawer or closet space by hanging your camisoles and tank tops using shower curtain rings! I have so many that I used a tiered pants hanger along with the rings. It has the added bonus of the padding on each bar preventing the rings from all sliding to one side.

Following this same inspiration, you can use shower curtain rings or hooks to store and organize tons of things in your closet, such as scarves, jewelry, belts, and bras!

shower curtain ring scarves.jpg

shower curtain hooks belts.jpg

shower curtain hooks jewelry

shower curtain rings bras.jpg

One of my favourite ideas that I am planning to try out soon is to purchase some additional shower rods. Depending on your closet measurements, you may have to go to a home improvement store and have a wooden or metal rod cut to the right size. Just make sure whatever option you choose is able to hold some weight!

You hang the rod above the shelf in your closet and that is where you hang your purses, bags, hats, and other accessories. This technique probably won’t be helpful if you’re lacking in height! On the higher rod, the hooks will work better than closed rings so that you can easily remove the desired item.

shower curtain hooks purses

shower curtain ring hats.jpg

Using a second shower rod along with some plastic baskets that are easy to clean in the bathroom can help keep your shower more organized too!

shower storage

Craft rooms can become more streamlined and efficient with the addition of rods, hooks, and rings.

shower curtain rings crafts

shower curtain hooks craft supplies

Even a short rod plus some hooks in the kitchen can help make pots and pans more easily accessible.

shower curtain hooks pots&pans.jpg

Over-the-Door Pocket Organizers and Storage Baskets

You’ve probably seen these before at the store, showing a simple way of organizing your shoe collection. I had one as a teenager for my tiny bedroom and it was very helpful!

pocket organizer shoes.jpg

Later on though, I didn’t really like having this hanging on the back of my bedroom door. Let’s face it, shoes can get stinky, and I didn’t like the smell of shoes and sweaty feet wafting about my bedroom. Luckily, these handy organizers can be used for storing things other than shoes.

My over-the-door pocket organizer now hangs on the back of the door in my kids’ room where it is used to organize their small toys. They have certain toys that they are only allowed to play with under supervision and so these are stored in the top pockets well out of their reach!

A former acquaintance of mine used her organizer to store her socks and underwear since she was in a small bedroom and had limited dresser space.

Hanging on the back of an office or craft room door, they are an ideal way to store additional supplies.

Bathrooms that are lacking in storage space can also utilize an over-the-door pocket organizer or an over-the-door storage basket option to organize extra towels and products.

overdoor storage baskets

There are different styles of over-the-door organizers available so look around and find the one that’s best suited to your needs!

Soda Can Tabs/Chain & S Hook

This is not one I have used because I have hangers that allow me to do this due to their design, but this is such a simple, handy technique I had to include it!

Maximize your closet space by using soda can tabs to hang garments in a cascade effect. This is also great for keeping outfits together.

soda can tabs.jpg

You can also use a chain and S hook to create this effect.

chains & s hook.jpg

The KonMari Folding Technique

Marie Kondo, author of the bestselling The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, suggests that we have been folding our clothes wrong by aiming to make them flat and then stacking them in our drawers. Her method involves folding the clothes so that they can stand vertically! Items are lined up instead of stacked, and the result is an organized drawer with all of the items visible. No more digging for the shirt we want!


Here is a link to a short write-up that includes two videos that demonstrate the folding technique:

I have adopted this method and I am very satisfied with the results. I have also done something similar with my underwear drawer, though I used some dividers to help the items to stand up.


By implementing these various techniques, I have brought a greater sense of organization and order to my home. I’m still researching and looking for other possibilities to try out. I especially love ones that involve re-purposing items for a new use!

What do you think? Do you think the tips I suggested here could work for you? Do you know of some other great organization solutions? Let me know in the comments; I would love to hear from you!

Happy organizing!


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