My Personal Organizing Journey – April 11th & 15th, 2017

April 11th, 2017

I’ve been neglecting to record my progress updates for awhile, but I’m back! Let’s get caught up.

I went through my closets and dressers and removed my seasonal winter clothing such as sweaters, thick leggings, and so on. They have been packed up into the storage containers that hide under the bed, and the spring/summer clothing has made its way out. I actually downsized even more, finding another pile of things to remove.

I went through all of my shoes. I tried on pairs that I haven’t worn for years, and it seems that my feet have changed since my pregnancy because quite a few of them didn’t even fit anymore! Bye bye, shoes!

I started working in the bathroom closet, getting rid of old makeup and other products that I should have thrown out a long time ago. I will need a few small containers or baskets to really finish the job of organizing things like my nail polishes and esthetics supplies, but it’s coming along. I also removed the kids’ training potty. Both of my boys are using the toilet like pros!

I’ve been doing more work in the storage unit. It’s getting pretty full now that my dad has moved most of his stored items over. Then I’ll be helping him to sort through his belongings and get rid of more things.

I’ll be having my yard sale in a few weeks, so I’m hoping to make a few dollars and then donate anything that hasn’t sold. I’m looking forward to seeing the cleared space!

April 15th, 2017

Today while my boys were enjoying watching movies and playing with toys in the living room, I brought down ALL of my crafting supplies to the dining room from their various scattered locations. I worked on sorting things into categories, condensing, removing items that were worn out or didn’t spark my creative interest, and then organizing them into containers. Some of my larger supplies and things that are for future projects (such as when I learn knitting and crocheting from friends) have been put away in a large storage bin that is back in the basement.

The things I use more regularly with my kids such as markers, crayons, paint, and paper are in a smaller container with a handle so I can easily carry it around. Other additional supplies for crafting with my kids are in a larger clear container.

I have two decorative boxes that I keep on a shelf in my living room as part of my “emotional crisis emergency kit”. One of them contains my colouring books and puzzle books (things like sudoku, word searches, crossword puzzles, etc.) and the other has a few small projects that require focus to put together (wooden 3D music boxes my boys received as Christmas presents).

I also had a shallow clear container which fits under my living room love seat that holds my extra cross stitch supplies. I wanted this one easier for me to access, since it tends to be my craft of choice.

The office was one of the rooms that was a total disaster since moving in, as we haven’t fully figured out how everything is going to be set up in there. But now that I have sorted out my craft supplies, I have cleared a handful of half-full boxes out of there and opened up the floor space! The room is closer to being finished and I am feeling fantastic about that!

Once we have gotten rid of some of the large items currently being stored in the basement, such as a queen size box spring that we no longer need, I am hoping to utilize a small area as my crafting corner.

The snow was falling for us this Easter weekend; here’s hoping it melts away fast. I want to start my yard sale!

Cheers, and happy organizing!


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