Personal Organizing Journey – March 21st-26th

March 21st, 2017

Yesterday I ended up weeding out about ten cookbooks from my collection, as well as a binder full of magazine and written-out recipes that my mom had collected for years. I kept the ones that interested me, and when I have another day where I am feeling low-energy, I am going to work on typing out those recipes on my laptop where I can then print them out and organize my own recipe binder neatly!

Tonight my boyfriend and I went through a giant tangled mess of various cables and cords that were lying jumbled together on the basement floor. Most of them had been in our old house since before I had moved in, and there were a couple where we had no idea what device they had belonged to in the first place. We filled a small cardboard box to overflowing with the cords and cables that are going to the eco centre. All of the ones that are being kept have been coiled and put together with like cords. For now they are back in their box, but I intend to come up with something more put-together in the near future. I personally need labels for some of the cords so that I remember what their purpose is!

March 26th, 2017

The plan for today was for my boyfriend and I to clean the kitchen and then reorganize the cupboards and drawers, because I am not satisfied with how the space is being used. I even started the process yesterday by removing the coffee cups we never use and putting them in a box for our upcoming sale. However, my boyfriend woke up feeling very under the weather, having caught my cold. Unfortunately for him, his body decides to feel like death and try to fight off being sick all in one day as opposed to me going through “stages” of being sick.

I had promised we would help a friend of ours move today, so I told him to rest while I started in the kitchen. I got most of the dishes done and finished washing my grandparents’ wine glasses that I am adding to my collection. I also got part of the cupboard reorganization done!

After returning from moving my friend to her new apartment, he went back to bed and I started working on some other tasks. I went through more of the library books I had checked out for research, and then I kind of jumped from one thing to another.

I rehung my curtains in the living room, hung curtains in the dining room, put away my baking pans and supplies in the kitchen that I had brought up from the basement. I sorted my bottle depot refundables into the bags in our shed and put out the recycling and garbage for pick up tomorrow.

An idea I’ve been toying with for awhile now is to condense my various games (things like Balderdash, Apples to Apples, Taboo, etc.) into one box or container. I mean, each of those game boxes is literally full of cardboard stuffing to hold the different pieces in place. There’s hardly anything in them!

Some people might not like this idea since you are discarding the original packaging, but I am going hardcore with condensing, and I think it will be so much more convenient to be able to grab my one box that has all of my games in it rather than having to cart a pile of awkward boxes around, especially if we go to a friend’s place and are asked to bring our party games.

Plus, I now have more shelf space!

For some of the organizing projects I want to work on in the upcoming days or weeks, I’m really going to need to pick up some more containers or boxes. I want to look for decorative boxes that are pleasing to the eye as I intend to use these containers in the living room for sorting different kinds of items.

When money is tight, it can feel frustrating when certain projects have to be put on hold until some money is available to put towards them, but I am trying to focus on the projects I can work on without needing additional supplies. Perhaps I can use my bottle depot money to buy some of the things I need!

Just keep working on a few tasks every day, every other day, or whatever time you have available. This is a big project, especially if you are working throughout your entire house like I am! It may feel like it’s going too slow, but it’s better to work at it when you have the time and energy to really focus on the task. Trying to force the process when you are tired or feeling overwhelmed may cause problems when you try to make decisions about letting go of items or deciding on how to organize them in a certain space.

We’re moving into spring cleaning season! Happy organizing, everyone!


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