My Personal Organizing Journey

Since working with friends and clients is temporarily on hold, I thought it might be a fun idea to share the organizing I’m implementing in my own home! What better way for me to experiment with different methods and systems than in my space, where I can play and tweak with the various options without eating up anyone’s time but my own?

I recently checked out a number of books from the library to research more techniques and ideas for my business, and I’ve found some great information and suggestions. One of the books I’m reading suggests journaling as part of the process and with that in mind, I have begun my own personal organizing journal, which I will be sharing here!

Here is my first entry:

March 8th, 2017

Something I’ve wanted to do for a long time is really weed out the clothing I’ve been hanging onto for years. I am guilty of keeping clothes from when I was a smaller size with the hopeful intention of getting back to that size.

However, as I made my list of goals last night, I reminded myself that if I allow myself to let go of these clothes now, when I do lose some weight, I can reward myself with new clothes. This is a great reward for me because I absolutely adore shopping!

Besides, the truth is I may never fit back into those clothes that I wore before having children. My body has changed in some ways that means things won’t fit the same way, and that’s not a bad thing. My body is still beautiful, in a more mature way. I’m not a skinny teenager with a small bust and tiny waist anymore, but I am a young woman with lovely curves. It’s fun to think about exploring a new style that better suits my new body!

The other fact is that these clothes are meant to be worn, and by sitting in bins waiting for a time that may never come, they are not fulfilling their purpose. There could be a young woman starting a new job who needs some professional clothing and has very little money, so she visits a thrift store and finds the trousers I have donated. It’s past time for me to let these items go and bring happiness and new opportunity to someone else.

I have made the attempt to let go of clothing multiple times over the past several years, and while I do find pieces to put in the donation bag, it’s only ever a few items at a time. Of course, for someone who does struggle to let go, this is important progress! But this time, I was really fired up and determined to remove unworn and unwanted clothing.

I find that having something going on in the background helps me from getting too overwhelmed with this sorting process. If I get too focused on the idea that I’m trying to get rid of things and yet I’m not finding things that I am willing to part with, I get upset and usually give up on the whole process, throwing everything back where it was. So I decided to bring all of the items being sorted into my living room and worked while whittling down the recordings on my PVR.

I had recently gone through my dresser and closet, so today I was working on the “skinny” clothes and seasonal clothes that are being stored either under my bed, in the office closet, or in a large bin in my basement. I brought them all into the living room and got to work.

I started with the bin of “skinny” clothes, knowing that I was finally in the right mindset to let go of things that I had not been able to wear for many years. One that was a hard decision to follow through with was to put the multiple pairs of work pants in the donation bag. In my head, the part of me that wants to keep everything says I should hang onto them because I am working on losing weight and that I will need a professional work wardrobe for when my business gets going. I was able to argue back that I have not used these clothes for years, and I have no definite time when or if I will be able to wear them again. So in the bag they went!

I was also able to get rid of dresses that didn’t fit properly, jeans that are too tight at the top and too long in the legs, shirts, skirts, and shorts that no longer work for me, and other items as well. I had already started a bag with clothes my boyfriend was getting rid of, along with some household linens we no longer wanted, and today I was able to fill that bag to the top!

I do still have a bin in our storage unit that I need to go through, but it’s maternity clothes, and I have already weeded out the items I didn’t feel comfortable wearing during pregnancy. I don’t know if there will be much left, but with my new determined mindset to downsize, I am certainly planning to go through it again!

I have started working on a list of basic wardrobe essentials that I am currently lacking so that when I do go shopping, I can keep focused on only buying those pieces that I need to build a complete and functional wardrobe.

Once I was finished going through things in the living room, I took my bins back upstairs to put them away. I was still pumped up so I decided to reorganize our bedroom closet as it has been stressing me out for some time now.

Our new house does not have closet rods. It has a shelf with a weird awning-like attachment that the hangers hook into, which limits the types of hangers you can use. Since none of the hangers I used for my boyfriend’s clothes worked, I decided to temporarily utilize my rolling laundry rack in the closet for his things. It worked but also brought its own frustrations, plus hanging laundry to dry in the basement has been a pain.

I was able to rehang and reorganize our clothes in such a way that I no longer need the rolling rack! I’m still looking forward to having proper closet rods installed, as it opens up even more options for me to maximize the space, but since I have no idea when contractors will be coming to do the work, I’m happy about the results I achieved today.

I also reorganized two of my dresser drawers. I used makeshift dividers to help me maximize the amount of shirts I could fold and put away in the drawers, which also helps to reduce the amount I needed to hang in my limited closet space.

I’m feeling really good about what I accomplished today, and it’s nice to cross it off my list. On to the next task!


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