Day Two: Kim and Kyle

September 4th, 2016

Day Two

Start time: approx. 1:00 pm – End time: approx. 6:45 pm

Roughly 5 hours working.

So as you might have remembered me saying in the last post, the plan was to dedicate Day Two at Kim and Kyle’s house to laundry!

Well, I am pleased to announce that on top of getting a whole ton of laundry done, we also checked off a couple more tasks on the “first ten tasks” list as well as got started on a few others!

We’ll still have to spend another day dedicating a lot of time to laundry, since we are limited by having to wait on the machines, but we got several baskets’ worth hung or folded and then put away.

Laundry is one of those interesting chores in how little effort it actually takes to get one load washed, dried, and put away. I mean, for the most part, you throw the stuff in the machines and walk away! But then you get to the part where you have to fold the items, or hang them up, and put them away, and suddenly laundry is the most exhausting, draining chore ever.

I’ve definitely had points in my life where I just live out of my laundry basket and say, “screw it,” to the thought of spending time putting it away. If I’m honest, sometimes I still have those days.

But for the most part, I find laundry a very relaxing, comforting chore to do. I can sit on my couch and watch all of the TV shows that are piling up on my PVR (I don’t tend to watch TV all that much). Or I can grab my mini speaker and iPad and sing along with my karaoke or just rock out in my room as I fold and hang things up!

Laundry is a great chore to work on when I’m feeling anxious too. It provides a simple distraction, and allows me to regain a sense of moderate control. Basically, laundry and I are on good terms.

At Kyle and Kim’s house, however, they were fighting a losing war against the laundry. Here are a couple of pictures I took on Day One that show how overwhelming the laundry was becoming.

Going down the stairs to the washing machine and the dryer:


The actual laundry area:



The master bedroom:


It’s easy to see why laundry was number one on the list of things they want to get done!

Before our session, I had asked Kyle to start working on sorting the laundry into piles: his clothes, Kim’s clothes, their daughter’s clothes, towels, linens, and whatever else. I said it would be great if he was able to wash and dry a few loads before I even got there, and they could let them chill in the baskets for us all to work on together, since I know they struggle with motivation.

So when I arrived, we had a few baskets to start with, and Kim and I settled in the living room to start hanging and folding. Because of my minor OCD tendencies, I tend to get a little more detailed with how I choose to arrange things than other people might. For example, hangers. If there are different styles or colours of hangers, I am going to create a system. So for their daughter’s clothes, all the pants were on blue hangers, the dresses were on pink hangers, T-shirts were on thin white hangers, long sleeve shirts and sweaters were on regular white hangers. (I do this in my closets at home too. I find it helps me to keep my clothing organized so I don’t have to look through a bunch of stuff to find a certain shirt. If it’s a casual shirt, I know it’s always going to be on a clear hanger near the front of my closet.)

The result is a neat, tidy looking closet!

Before:                                                                After:

20160828_133429small.jpg    20160904_183906small.jpg

Since we’re moving into fall and colder weather, I moved her summery items to the top rack, along with her special occasion dresses and her “memory” garments. (Memory garments may include things like concert T-shirts, items that were specially made for us, or significant gifts. We may not wear them or fit them anymore, but they have sentimental value.) We still have some work to do with the shelves, but I’m pleased with the look of the hanging items.

I started doing the same organizing process in both Kim and Kyle’s closets as well. I put all of Kim’s comfy “bumming around the house” clothes, on the far left side of the closet, put all of her work clothes together, arranged her shirts from tank tops to long sleeves and then sweaters, followed by pants, and special occasion garments on the far right.

Kyle has a more basic collection of clothing, and I arranged his items in a similar way. Memory items on the far left, moving into his regular clothing and then his special occasion items on the right.





Again, we still have to work on the shelves and the floor of the closets, but they’re coming along nicely!

Kyle was having a hard time focusing on the laundry, so I sent him to work on some other tasks on the list. With my boyfriend’s help, he assembled the bed frame for his and Kim’s bedroom, and hung the pictures on the wall. (The pictures are a wonderful personal touch, as Kyle’s mother painted them! She is a talented woman; her art is in various places throughout their home in the form of paintings, handmade clothes, and very cool décor items.)






Kim and I also started working in the kitchen. It was a very small start, but we did clear off the top of the fridge and clean out one drawer.


Pile of everything in the drawer that Kim got rid of!


I’m happy to report that the stairs have been mostly cleared!


I was having such a good time with the work we were doing I could have kept going, but I did have other things to do that evening. I am more than pleased with everything we accomplished today, and I am once again very much looking forward to our next session!

Progress Report:

The First Ten Tasks

  1. Laundry – washing, drying, folding, hanging, and putting away. Also potentially getting rid of any items that no longer fit, get worn, or are damaged and not worth repairing. – Task started!

  2. Organize the kitchen cupboards and the metal rack in dining area. Get rid of any items that do not get used, and store large items that are only used occasionally (such as large stock pots or roasting pans) on a designated shelf in the basement.

  3. The dining room table. (Remove all clutter and keep clear to serve its purpose as a table!) – Task started on August 28th. They have not added to the clutter on the table since my last visit!

  4. The six part organizer. (Remove excess clutter and organize contents.)

  5. The DVD shelves and bookshelves. Categorize, alphabetize, and personalize in the case of the bookshelves. – DVD shelves done on August 28th.

  6. Kitchen island and the top of the fridge and cupboards. – Task started!

  7. Kyle’s desk area and the filing cabinet. Implement some kind of under-desk storage for Kyle and organize the filing cabinet. – Task started on August 28th. They have not added to the clutter on the desk since my last visit!

  8. Set up the bed frame in the master bedroom. Position the bed exactly where they would like it.Task complete!

  9. Master bedroom closets. – Task started!

  10. Hang up pictures in master bedroom.Task complete!

Great work, Kim and Kyle!





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